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How we do

All Scholarship Foundation programs are based upon the following principles:

Identity and Personal Information 

The Foundation will:

  • Treat students fairly.
  • Hold personal and identifying information as confidential, and not attribute or share it with third parties without permission of the student.
  • Safeguard identifying and financial information.
  • Invite but not require students to participate in publicity or media appearances, without the student’s decision whether to participate having an impact on award decisions.


The Foundation will:

  • Select students on the basis of financial need, academic potential, and character.
  • Disburse grants directly to students and/or safeguard against displacement.
  • Review each complete application carefully, thoughtfully, and in consideration of the context and circumstance of the applicant.
  • Exercise due diligence in financial aid packaging, so that awards are not made if excessive debt would result and/or the student will be insufficiently funded based on evaluation.
  • Select students on the basis of qualifications without influence from other considerations such as donor input or personal relationships.


The Foundation will:

  • Seek open, honest communication with students.
  • Encourage students to practice self-determination and to learn self-advocacy.
  • Treat students as unique individuals.
  • Offer advice and guidance to help students succeed but not obligate students to follow such advice.
  • Discourage students from unnecessary borrowing.